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Right Business Using Voucher Checks

If you want to make sure that you do your business right, then you need to have plenty of tools such as voucher checks. Though a lot of companies have already gone paperless, it's still best to back up records, especially the new ones, just in case the computers and servers malfunction.

What are Voucher Checks?

For you to know how to use these checks, let's have their definition first. Vouchers are documents that detail the reason for the payment. This reason, of course, can be anything such as from payroll to settlement of utility bills (water, light, telephone, etc.). Usually companies maintain two vouchers: one original, the other an exact copy. The original will be given to the payee or the recipient of the payment. Now, a voucher checker is still a voucher, except that it already has an attached check to it. Companies use the combo when they prefer to settle debts or pay through checks. The person then separates the check from the voucher. The voucher can then be kept by the payee. He or she can also deposit the check into his or her account and wait until it's cleared.

Voucher Checks

Though voucher checks can be used for personal reasons (you want to keep tabs on your mortgage and credit card repayments, among others), they are often used in businesses. That's why you see more business voucher checks than personal voucher checks. There are many subtypes of these checks. You have the laser voucher checks, which are printed using laser printers. If you're printing the checks on your own, then you attach an MICR toner to them, so you can add special characters for security. Speaking of self-printing style, you can also come up with Quicken voucher checks. Besides computer, you require Quicken. Quicken is a type of an accounting program utilized to create several kinds of forms and checks. It is very similar to Peachtree. You can also relate the software to any of your existing accounting programs for more accurate records. There are also some people who prefer blank voucher checks. Usually, the voucher section is empty, perhaps to give the person the liberty on what to write. It's also possible to come across with three-part voucher checkers. Besides the check and the voucher, the system has a stub, which is then kept by the payee. All these can fit into an A4-sized paper. The challenge, however, is how to separate all of them without a tear.

How to Buy Voucher Checks

If you don't like to do voucher check printing on your own, you can always buy them online. Look for a check printing company, preferably one that specializes in business checks. Take a look at the options or designs to choose from. If you find something you like, select it and place an order. Determine how many sets you want and pay using a credit card. A lot of online voucher checkers are already cheap, but you can still reduce the price by purchasing them in bulk.