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Manual Business Checks: Learn More about Manual Checks

What are manual business checks? What is their difference with computer check printing? It's very important for you to know what they are, since both of them are completely different. Nevertheless, they are considered to be two of the well-known methods for printing checks.

So what are manual business checks?

In general, there are two kinds of checks. You have personal and business checks. What their uses are is completely self-explanatory. If you have a business, it's only ideal to use the latter. This is because you need to learn how to separate both your personal and business finances, or your actions may have tax or legal implications. Business checks are then further classified into two. These include manual business checks. These are the ones that have already been pre-printed. When you're going to buy them, you will be given the entire checkbook, along with a cover case or other freebies that the printing company may provide you. When you are going to utilize the manual business checks, all you need to do is to fill in the blanks. There are different kinds of manual checks. You have the payroll checks, which you are going to use if you want to issue salaries to your employees. Another kind is the general disbursement checks, which are helpful when you want to pay certain expenses such as liabilities to your suppliers. Manual business checks are also referred to as pocket checks, bank drafts, 3-per-page checks, and multipurpose checks, to name a few.

What is the difference between them and inkjet checks?

Inkjet checks are what you call computer checks. Unlike the manual checks, the former are the ones that you still have to print before you are going to use them. You are given more flexibility when it comes to your business check design. It becomes easier for you to add your company logo and name. What's more, if you're going to utilize laser printer, you can add MICRs or special characters that are added just below the check. They can be read using a certain device only, and hence, it becomes a powerful security tool for your checks. Computer checks have to work well with computer programs, especially accounting software, or you may not be able to print them at all-unless, of course, you work with a printing company.

Where are the places to order checks?

Perhaps one of the best places to order checking account checks is the World Wide Web. You won't have a problem looking for one as there are already hundreds of them that you can choose from. In fact, they are offering not only computer checks but also manual business checks. When you're looking for the best one, though, make sure that you can take a look at their portfolio. You may also want to know if they are giving away more perks or freebies when you order sets from the manufacturers. Furthermore, go for those that can give you discounts or different prices for bulk orders.