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Manuel Checks: Do Your Business Right

Wherever you go, you carry the name of your business, so you want to make sure you can do things right; begin with the use of manual checks. These are types of checks that you would normally have to fill out on your own, but can be used together with some business programs - as you will learn later on.

Payroll Checks

One of the manual checks you can purchase is the payroll check. You use it to keep tabs of how much money has been disbursed as means of paying labor. These days it's possible to integrate the check with your payroll accounting system, such as Quickbooks. This way, there's very little chance of committing mistakes, and all necessary state deductions are well accounted for.

As for the format, you can actually buy a multi-purpose checkbook, which can monitor both your payroll and accounts payable. This is most ideal if you're just maintaining a single account for two.

Desk Set Checks

These manual business checks are called as such because they're huge, and they're better off, well, on top of your desk. A desk check usually comes in set. It may have three checks in one huge page to avoid the feeling of bulkiness. At the left-hand side, you may be able to find stubs, which you can use to keep records.

Travel Checks

Are you always on the go? There are also manual checks that are recommended for a busybee like you. The travel check set fits into your purse, suitcase, or even your coat. This way, whenever you need to issue a check, you can always do so. A checkbook may contain 50 individual checks or a combination of deposits and checks. To keep everything together, you make use of a checkbook cover.

Voucher Checks

You use the voucher to keep track of the business expenditures. One of the good designs for this one will be the window voucher. There's a separate boxed portion of the check where you can place all important information for the voucher, such as the name, cost, and the expenditure. The bottom portion can then be used for record keeping.


You also have the manual bank checks called drafts. These manual checks are normally issued by your bank against an account found in another bank. This is to ensure that the funds due to you will no longer be utilized by the account owner. You are therefore assured of the payment.

Manual Check Request

Some would go to their respective banks just to have these types of checks secured. The truth is you can already do so online and save a lot of time and even money. To buy them, you simply have to choose which checks you like and have them delivered into your preferred address.

You can even customize your order. It's now possible to add a photo to your manual business check, such as your company logo. It may also appear in the checkbook cover. In this manner, your check looks more professional looking.

Voucher Checks

One of the secrets to business success is proper management of financial records. You can achieve that by buying voucher checks.

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