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Designing Your Own Checks - A Basic Guide on How to Print Your Own Checks

Do you know that you can actually print your own checks? Yes, that should bring out a smile on your face. After all, it means you do not have to be trapped by the over-professional-looking or perhaps drab or lousy checks provided to you by your own bank.

Benefits of Having Customized Checks

Before you learn how to print your own checks, let us know first why you should do it in the first place. There are many reasons why personal bank checks are better. For one, you can express yourself through your checks. For example, if you put cartoon images on your checkbook, it means that you are a child at heart and you love to have fun. Having pictures or clip-arts of military men or the U.S. flag only tells the others how much you love your own country or how proud you are of your heritage. Personalizing checks can actually reduce the chances of fraud. This is because you can include MICRs or Magnetic Ink Character Recognition right into your checks. These are special characters or additions into the checks that can only be determined and validated by your bank. If someone dares to copy your check, there is a good chance that it will still not be accepted because it lacks or does not have the right string of characters. You do not need to wait forever to have your own checkbook. Do you know that transactions can be delayed simply because you do not have any check to use? It will surely be a disaster if you need to pay up your credit card bill, but you forgot to order the checkbook from the bank.

How to Print Your Own Checks

The truth is to print your own checks is easy, fast, and fun. The first thing you need to do is to design your own checks. If you are working with a printing company, you simply have to take a pick among the choices they have. Because they recognize how much their customers love individuality, you will find their catalog to be comprehensive. You can pick the theme, color, design, and even layout of the check. If there are special instructions from the bank, you can also incorporate them in personalized check design. Once you have already chosen the attributes of your check, you can then save the details and have the checks printed later or you can already order them from the company. Normally, if it is the latter, the checkbooks may be delivered to your selected address, home or office. The other method is to print the checks right at your own home, provided you are using the most ideal printer.

Selecting the Company

Nevertheless, it is not enough that you print your own checks with a firm. Make sure that the company can be trusted with all the information you provided. Keep in mind that you are dealing with checks, which can stand for funds from your account. You do not like to wake up one day with no savings left in your name.