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Wallet Checks - Be More Payment Ready with Wallet Style Checks

If you're looking for convenience, you may want to shift your attention to wallet checks. You know how checkbooks are. They can be real thick, depending on how many checks they contain. So you will need a bag or a purse anywhere you go. Here's the problem. Bags are bulky themselves. They are also prone to theft, and you may even misplace them if you're that careless. If you have a smart-aleck guy, somebody's going to be using your checks before you know it. The beauty of the wallet checksis it's so portable. After all, it has been designed to fit your own wallet. The wallet can be tucked inside pants or front pocket shirts together with a pen for signing. You don't have to wear a bag unless you definitely have to.

Your Choices for Wallet Style Checks

There are also various kinds of wallet checks that you can make use of. For one, they can be unlined and lined. The difference between the two is that you can write more legibly and neatly since the lines are there to guide you. The unlined ones are the opposite checks. You also have the laser wallet checks. These are the financial instruments that you can imprint through the use of the laser printer. The main advantage of this is that you can add security features right into your checks through the use of MICR toners. These can be special characters that are unique to your checkbook and can be read only through an MICR scanner usually owned by banks. If you want to be practical, you can pick the three-page wallet checks. This means you can carry extra checks anywhere you go. This may be necessary if you're going to be settling a lot of payments or bills or when you have the tendency to commit mistakes in writing out information. The stub checks makes it easier for you to keep track of your funds since you can write the forward balance and even the taxes you have to pay based on the check's amount. The stub can be found on the side or on the top. There's also the side-tear check, which is needed for those who are rash when it comes to removing checks from the booklet. A tear on the check may cause the financial instrument to become void and will not be honored by institutions.

How to Purchase Business Wallet Checks

If you want to purchase a wallet check, you can do so online. You select an online printing company that offers you the design that you've been looking for. Normally, you can create an account that you can use to keep track of your chosen designs and your orders. Purchasing the checks through the World Wide Web is convenient and fast. Standard delivery time is just two weeks.

Making Wallet Size Checks More Affordable

You can also cut back on how much you spend on these checks. Avail of the various promos these online printing companies come up with. Most of the time you can enjoy discounts from 10 to 50 percent.