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Top Stub Personal Checks - Practice Accounting with Ease through Top Stub Checks

There are many different types of checks, but the top stub checks are completely different. For one, they are a lot bigger in size. Second, they do have certain fields that you can fill out. One of the greatest advantages of using the top stub checksis you can take note of how much money you have in the bank, even the amount of taxes you have to pay. You can do so by filling out the fields on the top portion of the check (hence the name). This makes it easier for you to keep track of your finances and stop second-guessing, which may only give you headaches later on. Moreover, you can check on your financial progress without additional work, such as creating duplicates or maintaining a journal or ledger.

Great Options for Top Stub Bank Checks

You will also realize later on that there are so many designs to pick for your top stub bank checks. A popular choice will be the photo checks, where you can use your own picture as the check background. You can also choose the premade images available in the gallery of the printing company. They are properly classified for your convenience. There are pictures of dogs, cats, and even leopards and dolphins for ultimate animal lovers. The various flower blooms are ideal for flora aficionados, while the Disney characters are perfect for those who are still young at heart. You can show your love for your country through military or patriotism checks or your religious affiliation through religious checkbooks. If you want your check to remain professional looking, there are also classic, sleek designs for top stub checks. They are available in plain colors, such as blue, yellow, pink, and green. Security features can also be added to the check to ensure that you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of fraud or identity theft. New technology allows you to add special markings or characters that are visible only when under a scanning machine. The top stub checks can also be chemical and erase resistant.

How to Order Top Stub Checks

You can obtain your own set of top stub checkbooks by going online. There are literally hundreds of online printing companies that can accommodate your requests. If you are not satisfied with the designs they have, you can always request for more customization and submit your own photos. You can further personalize the overall appearance of your checks by changing the layout or the details you want to see on the top stub personal checks.

Getting Your Own Cheap Top Stub Checks

You can also go cheap on your top stub checkbook covers. One of the best methods is to order them in batches. Normally, these companies will minimum orders for their customers, say, a hundred checks. You may want to increase it to avail of discounts offered to those who order in bulk. Another is to spot promos. To ease out competition, there will be a number that sell checks at a discounted price of as high as 50 percent.