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What Are Free Checks?

Are there really free checks? Can we really buy and use them today? The answer is yes, but before you become too excited and happy, there are a lot of things you need to know about them.

What are free checks?

Free checks are, well, for free. You don't have to pay anything for them. Now you may ask, "Why would companies do that?" For a lot of reasons. First, it's a way of encouraging their clients to make a reorder. Sometimes free checks kick in your next reorder, not in your first purchase. Second it's part of their promotion. It could be that attach their company name or logo somewhere in the check. As the checks move from one hand to the other, more people would get to know about the company. Third, it may be a sign of goodwill. You've ordered a lot from them and instead of giving you discounts or rebates, they provide you with free personal checks. Just because you're getting these checks for free doesn't really mean your choices are very limited. Some offer more than 5 premade templates. You can just take a pick. Others have a wide range of styles to choose from. The current check can have animal, floral, sports, or patriotic pictures. It's all up to you on what you prefer. There are also free business checks. These checks may be issued by banks to their new clients as a way of welcoming them to their list of customers. Free business checks are definitely more formal in appearance. They may be a top stub check, a desk check, or a side tear check.

What are the steps on how to get free checks?

Here's the most interesting part: how to have the free checks. First you need to look for a printing company that offers them. Not all of them do. If you find one, should you immediately place an order? The answer is no. You need to read the fine print first. Here's where a lot of people get tricked. They focus too much on the word "for free" they no longer pay attention to the policies. Some companies allow you to have free checks online, but you have to pay for the shipping and handling. Simply put, you don't pay for the checks themselves but you spend for something else. And mind you these shipping fees can be so ridiculously high you'll find it hard to afford. As mentioned, for you to order free checks, you need to make a purchase, and plenty put a minimum number of check orders.

Can we enjoy free checks if we choose a custom printing service?

The answer really depends on the printing company. A number do, but usually they don't. If you decide to personalize the look of your checks and don't settle for the pre-made templates, you're actually telling the printing company to do more for you. They have to allocate more hours and more people to finish the job. That's why you pay a premium if you choose custom printing.