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Halloween Checks Will Pay and Scare You

When the month of October nears its end, it might be good idea to give your payments in the form of Halloween checks. It is one way of remembering the tradition of Halloween, without the need to wear a costumer and go trick or treating. Hopefully it will not cause genuine fear from your clients, but would make the transaction more noteworthy. These Halloween personal checks are created by using images that are associated with Halloween. These include illustrations of sculpted pumpkins, ghosts, witches, and other scary images. The selected images will then become background where the usual text appears.

You Decide How to Scare

The choice of images will rest entirely on you. You can pick the single image or set of images that scare you most, though you may end up becoming uncomfortable when signing the check. It would be best to select an image that represents the season, then to avoid monotony print variations of the image. The checks are not meant to be a prank to anybody; therefore the choice of design should not be offensive to your client. On the other hand it would be very difficult to maintain a checkbook with varying designs just so you can give a design that won't feel offensive to your clients. Ultimately the choice of design should appear as gesture to break the seriousness of a business meeting and end in a lighter manner.

Not Cheap Checks

Some critics argue that placing designs on checks reduces their value, which is of course false. As a financial document Halloween checks are just as acceptable as the usual ones issued by the banks. They are simply an extension of the account holder's character. These customized Halloween checks are printed on the same grade paper and also carries all the security features one would expect. These checks are protected from chemicals, and whatever you have written cannot be easily erased. In fact since you have custom Halloween checks it will be harder for anyone to commit a forgery, unless they have similarly designed blank check.

Spreading Halloween

Many people often try Halloween checks and other personalized checks because they have been involved in a transaction where one has been passed. Seeing beyond the novelty they decide to have one made for their company or for themselves. Naturally they would contact the person who gave the checks and ask where it was made. There are also thousands of online companies that help you create your personalized checks. These check ordering services are often a one stop shop for all designs. Aside from checks, they would also print business cards, company forms and memos. To order checks online simply has to go their website and choose from the hundreds of available designs. One you have decided with what Halloween theme you want just indicated the quantity and the details of the account. Note that you probably do not need much since this check is specific for one period only. Expect the arrival of the checks by mail in less than seven days and you can start signing checks and eliciting minor scares.