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Funny Checks Will Make It Difficult to Be Serious

Getting a deal done may be serious business but it still leaves room for funny checks to lighten the mood. You'll be smiling as you sign the amount on your current checks, and imagine the reaction of your business partners when they receive the amount. These checks are a testament that laughter is indeed the best medicine. The checks will even be infectious, since your partners wouldn't be the only one who can see the image or punch line in these funny checks. They will also circulate in banks and will also put smiles on the clerks and managers. And all it took for all that happy feeling is your signature.

Bring the House Down

You'll be able to channel your inner comic by deciding which ones will be used as background for your personal funny checks. You have the liberty of selecting an image or a set of funny photos, then add your own punch line. Check companies also have a database of laugh worthy pictures you can use. A variation of funny checks is the cartoon checks, where amusing drawings serve as the design. There are also companies who have acquired rights to popular comic strips and their characters. This means every new check you sign might be something unexpected.

Tone Down the Lines, not the Sense of Humor

Since a check is very important document, it is still very important that no confusion will arise because of the art used. You wouldn't want your client miss a certain number or word because the design interfered with the check order's layout. As such there are still certain limitations to ensure that there will be no problems down the road. The use of too many lines are often discourage, even they are written in a different typeface. This way the funny check you are holding will still clearly the amount in words and numbers, plus the account specifics. Your sense of humor should be visual, which should not be too hard to pull off since you a library of illustrations to choose from. Obviously the background art does not overpower the main text of the check, hence lighter colors are used. Often times the images are watermarked to further emphasize the foreground. Proper layout is also maintained so no text will be behind dark shades.

Share the Laughter

You might have decided to get your own funny checks after getting one. Having a set of checks produced is actually easier than you think, and you can begin by contacting the person that paid one to you. There are also lots of companies online that allows you to order checks with free shipping. Despite its light hearted façade, companies will couch for the authenticity of the checks. They can still be honored by banks, even though they look like kids checks. Security features come standard from the type of paper used to protection from forced erasures. Everything can be done at the comfort of your own home too. Just choose from the thousands of design templates and indicate the banking specific details to them. In about a week, you can start paying your clients and making them laugh at the same time.