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Keep the Spirit of Summer with Flip Flop Checks

Nothing says "summer" like flip flops, and these flip flop checks are a great way to kick back and relax no matter what time of the year the calendar says it is.

About Flip Flop Checks

These sassy and fun flip flop checks come in bright summertime colors that will have you smiling and dreaming of the beach even in the deepest days of winter and will become conversation starters no matter where you go.

Choose from classic wallet singles or convenient wallet duplicates to best meet all of your personal checking needs and you can store either kind of check in the upbeat flip flop checkbook cover that will have you grinning every time you pull it out of your pocket or purse.

Flip Flop Checks Accessories and Security

If you choose the wallet duplicates you can breathe easy knowing that our built-in security features will make sure that no one stumbles across important personal information by accident, and if you want to bring the happiness of summer into the rest of your life, check out the flip flop checks patterned contact cards and address labels that will brighten up even the most serious of conversations.