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Fairy Checks - Fantasy Payments with Fairy Checks

You can now relive the most beautiful creations of the fantasy world by using fairy checks as your form of payment. Essentially your clients will be receiving a check graced by the presence of these magical beings as the background. Handing a fairy check will not only liven up a transaction, it will also effectively mix business with a little bit of pleasure. When you include a set of fairy checksin your business, it shows much about your character and the sense of individuality. These traits may prove useful when dealing with clients that test the person as much as your capability to pay. These checks will also reveal your playful side, something that many will find amusing and will provide an opportunity to loosen up.

Your Kind of Fairy

The choice of which version of these supernatural beings will materialize in your fairy checks will depend on your own preference and experiences. Those who grew up watching animated movies would be happy to know that some check companies have received the proper permissions to produce Disney fairy checks. That includes the beloved companion of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, together with other fairies in the Disney universe. Other versions are of course available such as tooth fairy checks, for those who still believe that a guardian will come in the middle of the night and replace their pulled teeth with gold. More mature admirers of fairies may also appreciate that gothic fairy checks are also available upon request. It is even possible to mix and match the different fairies for your fairy checks so that there will be more variety.

Fairies Should Not Interfere

If you are a big fan of these mythical creatures, there is a big chance of being carried away by your choice of layout and design. Once should always remember that the images will be used as backgrounds on a piece of document that will be used to transfer money. If an improper background will be used, certain details on the check will less clear such as account number, and the written amount. This usually happens when the owner elects to use their own image of fairies and end up placing them regardless of the color of the characters. This can be fixed by ensuring that the image will be watermarked to ensure that the lines and text is still clear. Images with extensively dark colors will not be used so that no one will misquote what is written.

Getting Your Own Fairy Checks

Currently the best way to get your own set of fairy checks is through the internet. Since the design process is done online, the processing time is extensively reduced as compared to ordering checks by mail. Once the final design has been approved, one can specify the account details and amount to be ordered. One need not worry about the checks even if they are custom made. The same paper utilized by banks is used, with other security features that prevent it from being stained or its contents deliberately manipulated. Orders usually arrive in less than two weeks, and then you can start paying your partners through your fairies.