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The Tale of the Wizard of Oz Checks and the Ruby Slippers

Dorothy, Toto, Emerald City-seriously they don't have to remain in your imagination, especially if you're going to use them for the Wizard of Oz checks. There are quite a number of reasons why you should dig Wizard of Oz checks. First these are designer ones. You can get rid of the lousy and boring look that checks are usually known for. You also have the flexibility on when you're going to need them. It's possible for you to have your checks on demand or only when you definitely need to use them. Otherwise, you can opt not to print any copies and maintain quite a number of checkbooks. Wizard of Oz fans will also never feel disappointed with the checks because they can look at and get inspired by their well-loved characters every time they are going to pay the bills.

Choosing Wizard of Oz Personal Checks

This should get you excited: you don't have to stick with only one kind of Wizard of Oz check. After all, there are far too many to choose from. You can have the major characters of the story right into your checkbooks. The Wizard of Oz checks may bear the faces of Dorothy, Toto, the Evil Witch, Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion. You can also capture the most important scenes such as when Dorothy clicks on her ruby slippers or when they all walk down the yellow brick road. Capture the fantastic image of the Emerald City. The story has also been adapted several times on television and movies, and you can use movie and TV stills as your background, provided that the photos used are licensed free. If you want to a much neater check, have your favorite lines like "There's no place like home" imprinted on the paper. The checks can also be stub checks. This means that there's a portion that allows you to keep tabs of your forward balance and your to-be-paid tax. This way, you won't have to maintain journals or ledgers. Another option is to make use of the side tear check so it's much easier for you to remove the check from the checkbook. You know that your checks don't get honored when there are tears at the wrong places.

How to Order Wizard of Oz Checks

Getting your very own Wizard of Oz checks has never been this easy. It's as simple as few clicks of the button. You can go online and search among hundreds of online printing companies. Choose the perfect Wizard of Oz photo or clipart for the check you have in mind, place an order, know the shipping method, and wait for the checkbook to arrive.

Reducing the Costs

You can also pay less on your checkbook by opting for checks free shipping. Better make sure, though, that you have read the terms and conditions and your area is covered by their free shipping policy. Buy the business check orders by batches. Invite your friends and family to have their Wizard of Oz checkbooks too so you can go less on your printing.