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American Flag Checks Let You Show Your Patriotism!

One of the most common ways that people show their patriotism is with American flag checks. Most commonly available online or through the ads section of a newspaper, these beautiful American check designs quickly became one of the most popular of all time. Now, you'll see checks bearing the American Flag through checkout lines throughout the country every day. While some just think the design is rather pretty, to others the American Flag is a personal symbol to them.

Show Your Own Style

One of the best things about these checks is that you can really feel as though the entire check design is yours. First, decide which American Flag design is just right for you. Many like pictures of the flag flying over the Capitol Building or a National Monument. Some prefer the images of the Flag throughout history. One thing is certain. You certainly can't go wrong with American flag checks no matter which design you choose. You'll also need to choose which way the tear will be. Some people prefer the top tearing checks but other like the convenience of a side tear. Most businesses prefer the desk set, which usually has three to five checks to page. These business checks of America make a wonderfully patriotic statement to a company's creditors. Also decide if you would like a special script used for your name and address, as well as if you'd like a monogram.

How to Order Checks Online

If you are going to order your discount checks online, you will choose the above styles and design options. When you go to check out, you will be asked to verify your banking institution information and you will usually be required to fax a copy of a deposit slip for verification. Most will also offer you several choices in shipping. Most regular shipping is free, with the expedited shipping costing more. In most cases, you will have your beautiful American Flag checks within just a few days.

Security Issues

You will want to make sure the company you order your checks through is credible. You also need to make sure the website is secure. There are a couple of ways you can do this. Check the address bar on the page. There should be an s at the end of the http (https). You will also see a padlock underneath the address bar. Both of these will show you that you information is secure.

Ordering Online Vs with Your Bank

There are several reasons why you may want to order your checks online rather than through your banking institution. Some banks offer free checks with their checking accounts; however, you usually have no say in the design. When you do choose a design you like from the bank, you suddenly can end up paying thirty or forty dollars for a box of 200 checks. If you search online, you can find American checks for less than ten dollars for the same amount

In Closing

American Flag checks are a terrific way to show your patriotism to your country. You can also find many matching items, such as address labels and ink stamps. Envelopes may also be available. Create an entire stationary set for just a few dollars.