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Computer Checks - How to Improve the Security of Computer Cheques

Just when you thought that computer checks are completely safe, they are not. After all, with so many people having easy access to the Internet or even to the computer system, it is very easy for someone to get into your electronic checkbook, manipulate the checks, and use them for their own convenience and to your dismay. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to secure check printing. To give you an idea what they are, you can take a look at the list below:

Do Not Settle for Blank Computer Checks

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is to never use blank computer checks - if you can help it. If you get to print them, and you accidentally forgot where you placed the checks, then you have created a scenario for ultimate disaster. Someone can just picked them up, put a large amount, and encash the money from the bank or use the checks to pay for their personal expenses. Of course, the funds will be taken from your own account.

Settle for Computer Laser Checks

Laser checks are computer checks that can only be printed with the use of a laser jet printer - nothing else. This is because this is also the only type of printer that is capable of showing all the minute and perhaps unique details that are found in your checks. You may have opted to include certain marks that only you or your bank knows about. This way, it will be easy to determine if the check used is a fake or not. It will also be more convenient for you to personalize your laser computer checks.

Choose Your Printing Company Wisely

If you do not have your own business check printers and you are using the services of your current check printing company, make sure that the latter is definitely capable of coming up with very secure checks. For one, they must be able to present to you wide array of patterns that you can adapt for your checkbook. Moreover, the templates must be very easy to customize, allowing them to bear certain unique marks. For example, there could be very small designs that can be seen only when you are going to inspect the check very closely.

Improve Internal Control

It could also enhance the security of your computer checks if you are going to also improve your internal control. This means that you are going to limit the number of people who will have access to your checking account. For instance, the electronic checkbook may be utilized by your finance officer and purchasing staff only. The auditor, on the other hand, should see to it that the use of such checks and thus funds are sound and according to the needs of the business. When they are fewer people who are using the checks, it will be not difficult for you to identify culprits, should your checks be used for their evil ways.

Peachtree Checks

Peachtree checks are secure, well designed, and easy to use. You can also match business accessories like stamps and mailing labels with your checks.

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