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Securing Checks through Laser Check Printing

How does laser check printingwork? It simply means you produce checks through the laser printer. Through the years, this type of printer has proven itself a wonderful ally for DIY check printing for many reasons. For one, you can already come up with more personalized checkbooks using blank laser checks. The quality of the print is undeniably good. Even if you're using plain paper, the graphics and texts stand out, and the colors are vivid. The technology behind is superb. After all, the printer uses laser beams to produce the images.

Adding Security via MICR Laser Check Printing

However, perhaps the main reason why you should use laser check printingis the security it offers to your checkbooks. You can make use of MICR toners with them. MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. These are special characters that can be added to any document for verification and security. Frequent users of this type of technology are the banks. They usually make use of MICR for control. It permits them to identify the difference among checks. In fact, they can spot fraud just by comparing the MICRs used between two similarly looking business laser checks. You can also use MICR if you want to differentiate your checks from the others that are deposited in your bank. This way, it will be much easier for you and for the financial institution to trace your transactions. This will also prevent anyone from copying your checks and using these to their malicious activities.

How to Go Forth with It

If you want to pursue laser check printing with MICR on your own, then there are some requirements you need to meet. First, your printer should be capable of handling MICR toner. You may also have to utilize certain software, so you can change the features of your checks. It's very important that there will be no one else who gains access to your MICR features. Otherwise, they can be tampered, and before you know it, somebody is already using yours illegally. All in all, purchasing a laser printer, software, and MICR toner can be costly. The best way to go for laser check printing is to order laser checks.

How to Order

Many companies offer laser checks. Usually, all you need to do is to set up your own account, so it's more convenient for you to set details such as your address, name, and credit card information. You can then choose among their options which types of computer laser checks you want printed. The companies also have their own MICR toners and printers. In fact, so many of them are already familiar with MICRs used by banks, and they can apply them into your checks. However, because MICRs should be well protected, you need to find a firm that is known for its loyalty and level of secrecy. All your information should be properly guarded and not sold in third party affiliates. Moreover, whatever data you use during for your laser checks must never be accessed by unauthorized personnel or even applied in checks that are not really yours.