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The Basic Steps on How to Write Checks

Why is it important to know how to write checks? There are actually a lot of reasons. First, banks can deny your checks. Second, it's easy for others to manipulate you and use your own checks and money for their own gain.

Learning How to Write Checks

To learn how to write checks doesn't have to be too complex or difficult. There are plenty of tutorials you can now download online. Moreover, banks are more than willing to help you out, if you will just approach them. You can also request guidance from friends and family who know how to issue checks. But just to give you an idea, you can follow these: Print your checks. There are two main ways on how to print checks: on your own or through printing companies. If you decide to print checks on your own, you need to have the right equipment such as check printing software, computer, printer, and MICR toner. If you prefer to order online, you simply have to provide the company with your personal details, such as your name, address, and account number. Choose among the pre-made templates or customize them, determine how many checks you like, then pay for them. Wait for the checks to be delivered into your preferred address. One of the tips on how to write checks is to check the parts before you continue with the printing. Make sure there's a date, account number, pay by the order of, amount in words and figures, and signature of the issuer. If this is a business check, you can add a business logo in your check. Don't forget to include the MICR characters. These are characters that can be deciphered only by a special machine used by banks. Write legibly and correctly. As much as possible avoid making mistakes when you're writing checks. Otherwise, you need to sign each of your erasures as proof that it was you who made the changes. You also have to write neatly and legibly. You don't want the banks to misinterpret what you just wrote. Be careful on how you write the amount. Banks follow the "what you see is what you get" approach. This means that what you write there is what they're going to honor. That's why you should take time when writing the amount. If you're writing full amount-that is, with no cents-write them as $1,000.00. You need to include the decimal point, as it's easy for others to add cents after the full amount. Write the date and sign the check.When you're done, you can then write the date of the check. To know how to write a check for cash, you can have the business check post-dated.

How to Write an Open Check

Many would like to know how to write a personal check that is open. It's actually easy. You simply have to write the name of another person on the check, and the amount will be credited into his or her account. This is not a crossed check.