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How to Order Checks and How to Do It Right

A lot of people still don't know how to order checks, so they end up spending a fortune for something they can get for a few hundred bucks elsewhere. If not, they obtain checks that are poorly made, or wore they deal with suspicious sellers who are out to steal their financial information such as their account number and address.

How to Order Checks

But how do you exactly order business checks or even personal checks? Let's start with the dos and don'ts. Don't easily fall for the first printing company you see online. Just because it appears on top of the search results then it's the ideal one for you. It's highly recommended you compare at least 5 good printing companies before you settle for one. You come up with your own criteria, which may include the number and quality of designs, shipping policies, security, and price. Do check their online record. Are there complaints about them? You can go to BBB or Better Business Bureau to check if there are issues sent by previous customers. Research and read online reviews. Do get to know their policies. Every printing company has its own terms and conditions about ordering, shipping, and security. You have to know them before you place an order as you don't want to deal with issues later on.

How to Write Checks

It's actually possible to come up with your own checks, and this is what we call check writing. There are several templates you can now download online. But templates are not your primary concern. The first thing you need to address is actually the equipment you're going to use. It's not enough you have a printer. It's also necessary you have an MICR toner. It's a special device that can print characters into your checks. These characters contain important data about your account and your check. However, they can only be read by banks.

How to Order Checks in the Internet

Traditionally you get your checks from a bank or from an organization. But with the onset of the Internet, it's easier and faster if you'll just make a purchas online. The first step on how to order checks online is to know what designs you like. Each of the checks is classified into different categories. Besides the theme, you can also pick the type of check, such as desk check, personal check, top stub check, or side tear check. Once you already made your choice, you can then choose the number of checks you like. Fill out all the needed information, including your address. Then pay the printing company. Just wait for the checks to arrive.

How to Reorder Checks

The steps to reordering are very similar to the ways on how to order personal checks. The only difference is there may be certain parts you don't have to do all over again such as filling out personal information. They will already be stored in your account.

How to Save Money

Printing companies do give you a lot of option on how to buy cheap checks or take advantage of free shipping. One is through bulk purchase. The more you order, the lesser the cost. You would also more likely to enjoy discounts in your next purchases then in new orders.