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Checks by Mail - Save Money By Mail Order Bank Checks

One of the most common inserts in newspapers today is the ad to order checks by mail. There are usually twenty or thirty designs highlighted on the ad and they usually offer free shipping or some other discount. Is this a good place to order? It all depends on what you're looking for.

Mail Order Checks vs. Bank Checks

When you place an order at your bank for checks, you are likely to only have a handful of designs to choose from. In most cases, these checks can cost up to 75% more than ordering check by mail. While you wait for the bank check order to placed, which may take a few days or even a week, you could run out. You will have to go to the bank for counter checks and most businesses won't even accept them. You will have an option when you order checks at the bank for expedited shipping, but that can really cost you a bundle. It's much easier to place a mail order. Bank checks simply take too long and cost too much.

Check Designs and Styles

When you order checks by mail, you'll have a few options to choose from. Many people prefer the normal checks that tear off at the top. However, there is also a side tear option, but it could cost you a dollar or two more. These checks seem to tear off a little easier, but everyone's likes are different. There are also options for check registers. Some checks come with the register at the side or at the top. This can make it much easier for those people that have a hard time remembering to write down their purchases! Duplicate checks are also very popular for this same reason. These come with a carbonless copy of your check, so you don't have to worry about missing a purchase. You can also get deposit slips with a carbonless copy as well.

Where's the Best Place to Buy Checks?

While you can certainly order checks by mail, you may want to look online as well. Not only is there more of a selection of check designs, your order will be placed immediately. This means that your checks will be in your mailbox much faster. It's also easier to reorder checks and it only takes a minute of your item. You can search through available check designs by simply typing the design you're looking for in the search box above. You'll get a list of several websites that offer that particular design. Many will offer free shipping or an free upgrade on shipping with your first order. These sites have been reviewed and they are all reputable.

In Closing

When you order checks by mail, you may have quite a wait to receive them. Make the entire process easier by ordering your next set of designer checks online. Choose your style and design options and create the perfect checks for you!