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Check Printing Guide: How to Have Your Own Customized Checks

This check printing guide or walkthrough will hopefully help you find a good way on how to come up with your own personalized checks. A lot of people would like to express their creativity and personality through their checkbook, but they don't have any idea how.

There are actually two general ways on how to come up with your own checks. You can produce your own, or you can hire a printing company to help you. We will tackle both.

Check Printing Program: Create Your Own

What's the advantage of making your own check? For one, you have full control over the design of the check. You can also determine how much you're willing to spend for your checks. You may also print the checkbook on demand. It's common among printing companies to create a minimum number of checks to order.

To start creating your own checks, you need more than just a computer. You also need to have laser printers and check printing software. The software should allow you to have more freedom when it comes to the layout or design of the check. Most of all, it should be very easy to add security features into your check, such as the use of special characters, which can be read only by a machine used in banks.

The printer, on the other hand, should be capable of printing these characters, as well as run with the use of an MICR toner.

The cost of setting up your own check printing program can be costly and time-consuming, but if you have the patience and willing to invest, then there's no reason why you must not pursue this path.

Check Printing Guide MICR

MICR stands for magnetic ink character recognition. It is a special set of characters often found in checks. They have been implemented by banks to greatly reduce the chances of dealing with fraudulent checks or account. The types of information that can be stored in the MICR may include the routing transit number, amount, and a dash, which may stand for the account number or the routing number. It will also tell the bank the font that's being used.

You cannot have an acceptable check unless you will be able to integrate MICR into it. That's why you need to look for a printer that can accept MICR toner, such as a laser printer. If you wish to know more about MICR, you can always talk it over with your bank.

Check Printing Guide Business Checks: Dealing with Companies

A lot of those who want to have personalized checks will hire check printing companies. They come up with premade designs and classify them into categories. All you need to do is to choose which design you like, then determine the number of checks you want to order. Depending on where you're planning to have it delivered, they will send you the checkbooks in less than a week. Some would store your design into your own account, and you can print the check into your own laser printer.

There are also some printing companies that accommodate your own designs, but they will cost you more.

One of the greatest concerns with printing companies is the price. If you want to go cheap with them, you can ask for a discount. Also read a consumer review to know which among them can provide you with a reasonable price.

Duplicate Checks

Never, ever make the mistake in recording your financial transactions. You can purchase duplicate checks. They have carbonless copies of all your issued checks.

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